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N.P.Q “Aeroporti Gjakovës” Sh.A

History of Gjakova Airport

Gjakova Airport is established and was functioning since Second World War for agricultural purposes. During 90’s it has stopped functioning.

Immediately after the last war in Kosovo, airport was given to Italian KFOR for supporting military activities of NATO mission in Kosovo. At the same time, Italian KFOR started investments on construction of the airport, first with runway strip from 1999 and finished on 2001. Afterwards, this airport was named A.M.I.K.O (in Italian “Aeronautika Militare Italiana in Kosovo”) and in English mean “Italian Military Aeronautics in Kosovo”

Airport has a good geographic position with 7km perimeter and with very little fog during the year. Many military and humanitarian flights are done at this airport, landed civil and military planes & helicopters. The biggest plane landed at this airport was Boeing 737.

The Airport airfield has a single runway system and taxiway system composed of a main parallel taxiway. The runway strip is 1,799 m long, 30 m wide, oriented in a north-south direction, marking & signs of the designation number are 17 & 35, the surface of runway is asphalt, the runway shoulders are 7,5 m wide and made of gravel. Airport operates under VFR regulations. Italian aeronautics planned passing to IFR. Italian Air Forces invested around 30M € on equipment and navigation advanced system.

First landing was in 29 Sep 1999 in old runway strip and last landing rom Italian forces is done on 19 Apr 2013.

.During this 13 years period, at Gjakova Airport has been treated more than 27,000 different aircrafts transporting more than 220,000 passengers (mainly soldiers and also civilians) and more than 40,000 tons of goods.

Gjakova Airport is located around 5km at north-east of Gjakova town, in between of Qerim, Trakaniq and Lugbunar villages, with road distance of 8km from Gjakova town. Gjakova airport is located approximately 5 km north from the city of Gjakova. It is located on a relatively flat area, approximately 400 meters above the sea level. However, it is surrounded, except from the east, by the mountain ranges of the Bjeshket e Nemuna. The closest mountain range is within 15 km of the airport to the south and reaches approximately 715 meters, 25 km northwest of the airport the mountain peaks reach beyond 2000 meters. The highest peak of this mountain is 2694 meters to the west. Lake Radoniqi is located 3 km north of the runway.

The road distance from International Airport of Prishtina is 70 km.



Characteristics of this airport are as below:


  • Coordinates: V 45° 25’ 59" L 20° 25’ 40"

  • Average height of runway strip: 415 m/1362 ft AMSL.

  • Runway strip: 1.800 x 30 RWY 18/36 (QFU 175°/355°)

  • TACAN: DAK 109.70 up to 40 miles

On 18 December 2013, Gjakova Airport was handed over to Government of Kosovo as donation from Italian KFOR Air Forces. With signed hand over document by both institutions, respectively by Com. Antonio Felicisimo from Italian Air Forces and Mr. Gamend Mejzini GoK Officer, automatically this airport was transferred officially under GoK authorities.

Late 2013 up to end of 2015, Gjakova Airport was managed by GoK under responsibility of the Ministry of Trade & Industry. Afterwards, from May 2014 onward, the airport was under direct supervision of the Ministry of Economic Development. During this period, at Gjakova Airport were conducted different activities mainly military trainings from American forces and Kosovo F.S.K & Policy. On 19.02.2015 Major of Gjakova Mrs. Mimoza Kusari - Lila landed at this airport.

By end of 2015, GoK has nominated the Board of Directors and afterwards on January 2016 are recruited the management of this airport.  

During the donation process, Italian Air Forces has recommended also 7 staff for mainlining the airport who were and continue to maintain and ensure the operation of the assets.

Currently, the airport is not operational.